Commemorative Publication

In line with the Firm's centenary celebrations in 1974, the book "Fifty Years of Donaldson & Burkinshaw" by Norman Sylvester Hogan was published. A copy of it may be viewed here.

Norman Sylvester Hogan was an administrator who served the Firm for 50 years and retired in 1970.

He wrote:

"...this is not a romantic story, but the actual details of the founding and growth of the legal firm of Donaldson & Burkinshaw covering a period of almost a hundred years and weathering two World Wars...

...In writing these memoirs of my long-standing association with the firm of Donaldson & Burkinshaw... I wish to present to my colleagues and friends a fairly accurate picture of the firm, the men and women who have been responsible for its growth & development, from the small office it was in 1874 to the large establishment it is today...

I remember well that in the twenties and thirties, people who had difficult legal problems, more often than not sought the aid of Donaldson & Burkinshaw. To work in a large legal firm has its humane aspects and rewarding experiences. Clients who can ill-afford the heavy costs of long drawn-out and protracted litigation in the courts, often turn to you for mediatory services which bring satisfaction to all parties concerned, because of their faith and belief in the firm and the people who run it..."

Commemorative Centenary Coin
1874- 1974

Norman Sylvester Hogan
1913 - 1979

Donaldson & Burkinshaw Centenary Celebrations
November 1874 - November 1974