GIAM Hubert

Hubert is a Partner in the Firm’s Intellectual Property Practice and the Head of the Firm’s Patents Division (Mechanical & Electrical Group).

Hubert is a registered Patent Attorney in Singapore. He graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering (Hons.).

He has significant experience in drafting patent specifications for different fields of technology, for example, in telecommunications, wireless communications, semiconductor devices, civil engineering etc. Hubert is also well-versed in prosecuting applications (both locally and overseas) to grant.

He has experience in conducting validity and infringement analysis inclusive of Freedom to Operate matters. Hubert is also active in giving educational presentations on patents to local enterprises and has also volunteered his expertise regularly.

Hubert also holds a Masters degree in Intellectual Property Management conferred by the National University of Singapore. He has also successfully obtained the Graduate Certificate in International Arbitration (“GCIA”) with practicum offered by the Law Faculty of the National University of Singapore (“NUS”). In addition, Hubert is an Associate Mediator accredited by the Singapore Mediation Centre (“SMC”). He is also a Fellow of the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators.

Hubert is currently an appointed member of the Examination Committee for the Singapore Patent Agents Qualifying Examination and is actively involved in the setting and marking of the Patent Agents Qualifying Examination papers. Hubert has also been appointed by the Minister of Law to serve on the three-person Disciplinary Committee for Patent Agents.

Prior to joining Donaldson & Burkinshaw, Hubert worked in a large boutique intellectual property firm from 2004 to 2011. Hubert passed the Singapore Patent Agents Qualifying Examinations and was recognized with an award by the Association of Singapore Patent Agents (“ASPA”) for obtaining the highest marks for Paper C (Validity and Infringement of a Singapore Patent). This was the only award available for the four papers at that time. In addition, Hubert obtained his Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law (“GCIP”) offered by the Law Faculty of the National University of Singapore (“NUS”) early on in his career. He obtained straight distinctions for the IP modules offered and was placed as the top student of the cohort, winning the Asian Patent Attorneys Association (“APAA”) Book Prize. During his undergraduate years, Hubert carried out a research project in nanotechnology and granular nanomagnets which introduced semiconductor deposition techniques useful in preparation of semiconductor-type patent applications. Hubert had also carried out successful projects such as construction of a video-view remote-control vehicle and of a software transaction module for an award winning SMS (Short Messaging System) mobile payment system, the latter during his stint with a large computing services company. In recognition of his outstanding scholastic achievements, Hubert was placed in the Dean's List.

Hubert is a member of the Association of Singapore Patent Attorneys (“ASPA”) and the Singapore Institute of Directors.


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