KHONG Yoke Chan

Yoke Chan is a Patent Engineer specializing in patents and trade marks matters. She oversees the patent and trade mark portfolios of a large number of local and international clients. Yoke Chan is involved in the prosecution and maintenance of patents and trade marks in Singapore and the region. She also undertakes the drafting of patent specifications, conducting clearance searches, and rendering advice and strategising on the general protection and exploitation of trade marks and patents.

Prior to joining Donaldson & Burkinshaw, Yoke Chan was with the Registry of Patents at the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS). She was in charge of the development and operation of the IPOS’s internal patents electronic system and also assisted members of the public and external practitioners with the use of the IPOS’s external electronic system for patent filing and prosecution. She conducted training and presentations for the IPOS’ staff, members of the public as well as local and foreign delegates visiting the IPOS.

While with the IPOS, Yoke Chan also assisted in the drafting of amendments to various Patents Practice Directions. Subsequently, Yoke Chan joined the Legal Policy and International Affairs Department of the IPOS where she conducted in-depth research on intellectual property issues and assisted with the drafting of legal papers and reports, such as the APEC-IPEG reports. She represented the IPOS at a number of overseas engagements.

Yoke Chan graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a B. Eng (Hons.) (Civil and Structural Engineering) in 2000 and obtained a LL.B (Hons.) Degree in 2008. She also obtained a Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law (Merit) in 2009.