LIM Teck Yeow

Teck Yeow is a Partner in the Firm’s Intellectual Property Practice and the Head of the Firm’s Patents Division (Life Sciences & Chemical Group).

Teck Yeow is a registered Patent Attorney in Singapore handling all aspects of patents law. Teck Yeow graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor degree in Bioengineering (Honours). In recognition of his outstanding scholastic achievements, he was placed on the Dean's List during his Bioengineering course.

He has considerable experience undertaking the drafting of patent specifications in myriad technical fields and the prosecution of patent applications in Singapore and overseas. He also has experience in providing validity, infringement and freedom to operate analyses. In particular, Teck Yeow specialises in inventions relating to biomedical devices, tissue engineering, medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, food sciences, biotechnology, organic and inorganic chemistry, polymers, biochemistry, nanotechnology, materials engineering and semiconductors etc.

Teck Yeow also holds a Masters degree in Intellectual Property Management conferred by the National University of Singapore. He also completed with Distinction, the Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property law (“GCIP”) course, held jointly by the IP Academy and the Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore. Teck Yeow has the expertise in providing advisory services for companies on the management, protection, exploitation and enforcement of patent rights.

In addition, Teck Yeow is an Associate Mediator accredited by the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) and is equipped with the skills for assisting in disputes relating to patent matters.

He also has considerable research experience. Prior to embarking on his career in the Intellectual Property field, he was previously involved in a multi-disciplinary research project in the field of immunology. He was also involved in research associated with the biomechanics of cells and structures as well as with the development of a new orthopedic medical device, at the National University of Singapore's nano-biomechanics laboratory and the Defence Medical Research Institute (“DMERI”) in Singapore, respectively.

Teck Yeow is active in sharing his domain knowledge in IP. He was an invited speaker at a  Japanese University where he spoke about IP strategies within the Southeast Asia region. More recently, he was appointed as a speaker and an examiner for an IP module in the GCIP course.

He is currently an appointed member of the Examination Committee for the Singapore Patent Agents Qualifying Examination and is actively involved in the setting and marking of the Patent Agents Qualifying Examination papers.

He is a member of the Association of Singapore Patent Attorneys (“ASPA”).

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