David Wee

David was called to the Bar at the Honourable Society of The Inner Temple, London in 1966. After a short stint reading in Chambers, he returned to Singapore, and joined Donaldson & Burkinshaw in 1967, as a pupil.

He was admitted as an Advocate & Solicitor in Singapore in 1968. He worked as a Legal Assistant, with and serving exclusively Donaldson & Burkinshaw throughout his entire working life until his retirement as an Equity Partner on 31 December 2003.

During his early days with Donaldson & Burkinshaw, David was exposed to and gained general experience in commercial law, with a bias towards shipping, mentored by the then Senior Partner, Antony P. Godwin.

In about 1974, David was promoted to an Associate Partner, gradually rising through the ranks to be an Equity Partner, and focused on general commercial work. Throughout his term as an Equity Partner of Donaldson & Burkinshaw, he served as Administrative Partner until retirement.

During the years prior to retirement, David headed a department representing the interests of medical and dental practitioners belonging to the Medical Defence Union (“MDU”) and subsequently, The Medical Protection Society (“MPS”). The medico-legal work undertaken by David included counselling, advising, defending civil claims, attending inquests, disciplinary proceedings and mediation. 

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